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Very Busy Day on the Pottery Trail

The first day of our sale was gorgeous 85 degree weather, and busy, busy, busy!   Lots of people came from the Boston area who read the wonderful article written about us in the Sunday travel section.  Lets hope tomorrow is just as good.   Posted by Lucy Fagella  





Pet Shop Quartet

Pet shop quartet

Sending Good Wishes

It looks like a perfect weekend to wander about in the towns and hills of Western Ma, admiring beautiful creative ceramics in the studios of many of the regions most accomplished potters.   Sending wishes for a great week end to artists, customers and all on the Pottery Trail.  Nancy Magnusson

My First Blog Entry- Dogs, Pigs, and Pots

Today I unloaded the cutest kiln load yet–containing 3 dogs and a pig.  They are sitting on my wedging table looking like a pet shop quartet.  And they made it through with no broken ears (the most delicate part). That’s an accomplishment. I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow.

I’m firing my last load of work tonight–a batch of majolica glazed terra cotta painted with bright (I hope) colors.  I dragged along some unglazed terra cotta teapots and sugars and creamers, and unused bags of terra cotta clay in my last move. I’m moving my studio (to my new and improved location on Bridge St. in Shelburne Falls) next week, and couldn’t stand to move that unfinished work again.  So I threw some mugs, made some tiles and platters, and will have it done just in time for the pottery trail.  Can’t wait to see how this experimental stuff comes out!  

Posted by Molly Cantor

Hitting the Pottery Trail

 Here is a photo of Angela Fina in her kiln getting ready to load pots for those who are hitting the pottery trail!

The Trail through beautiful western Massachusetts begins Saturday at 10:00. 



Boston Globe

The Travel Section of the Boston Globe featured a lovely, and informative article about our Pottery Trail this coming weekend.

Blog Beginnings for a Potters Guild

WELCOME to our new blog site, also known as a GLOG, or group blog. 

We are a group of professional pottters from Western Massachusetts.  Some of us have been potters for over forty years, and some of us are just starting our careers…  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I’m Lucy Fagella, you may have read my own blog at lucyfagellapottery.  I enjoy sharing my work through my blog, and thought it would be a good idea to have a group blog with our local potters guild…  our members agreed.  So, I am the creator and administrator of this blog/glog.  The guild members will post updates when they are moved to do so.  Here we will  keep you up to date on our events, and workshops, and have links to our websites.  We are still in process… some of our pages are ready for viewing so take a look… there will be more soon! 

One thing we all want to share with you right now is an invite to our 5th annual Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail