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Bottom Wiping for Open Studios

bottom wiping

bottom wiping

Getting ready for open studios next week involves a lot of glazing–and a lot of bottom wiping.  Yesterday between work and Henry (my 8-month-old son), I wiped quite a few bottoms.  Both are rewarding in different ways!  For details on Cottage Street Open Studios (June 6-7 in Easthampton, MA) visit –Evelyn at Kaleidoscope Pottery


Congragulations Molly on Opening Your new Store!

Last Thursday I attended the Grand Opening of Molly cantor’s brand new Pottery Studio and Showroom in downtown Shelburne Falls, MA. The place looks great. Molly has done a fantastic job! The event was crowded and the food was wonderful. Next time you’re in Shelburne Falls, stop in to Molly Cantor Pottery on Bridge Street!

Steve Earp

Impressions of the ’09 Pottery Trail, by Angela Fina

Angela's Magnolia My favorite part about the Pottery Trail (besides the fact that I did sell a lot of work in the two days) was getting to talk with so many people who genuinely appreciate hand made pots and who enjoyed coming to my studio.  The two day sale is long enough that visitors were spaced out nicely.  I rarely had more than 3 or 4 groups of people at one time, and so I was able to have real conversations with almost everyone.  There were many people who were studying pottery, or who had their own studios at home, or had studied pottery in school.  Some asked technical questions or were interested in my background in clay.  I found their stories of finding a way to be able to make pots so interesting.  There also were several artists who work in other media whom I enjoyed meeting.  One of them, who made it to all 10 studios, happened to win my pot in the passport drawing.

My holiday sale in December lasts only about 4 hours, is very crowded and quite hectic.  Many of the people who came to the Pottery Trail were not my usual customers, but people I had not seen before.  This year it was fun to meet so many who had seen the article in the Travel section of the Boston Globe and who drove out from the coast and Worcester.
This is the 5th year that my magnolia tree was in full bloom the weekend of the sale.  The weather had been so cool I thought that this year it would only be buds.  But two days of sunny 90 degree weather forced the blooms and the tree was glorious.  I saw many of my visitors photographing it against the blue sky. A few people talked about my garden, and one was so interested that I dug up a couple plants that I had too much of for her to take home.
Two of my sisters, Doris from Natick and Gloria from Suffern, NY generously volunteered to come and help, collecting money and wrapping, and also cooking, cleaning, and helping me set up the days before.  We always have a lot of fun having a “pajama party” and laughing about old family stories.  They both are nurses and it was surprising how many visitors were in the medical profession who enjoyed talking with them.

Fresh leaves and Open Studios

Fresh maples are finally available!

Fresh maples are finally available!

My first blog post here from Kaleidoscope Pottery land.  We’ve been working with fresh leaves for a few weeks now–finally!  It was a long winter using leaves from the freezer.  Currently getting ready for our annual Cottage Street Studios Spring Open Studios  June 6-7 (see for details).  Still enough time to get some pots through the kilns by then! –Evelyn

A milestone at Cohen Tiles

I built this kiln in 1973. A catenary arch, soft brick, car kiln. 100 cu. ft. (75 stacking.)

On may 15th 2009, it was fired for the thirteenth hundred time. Over the 33 years there have been about 75% cone 9 firings. Pots for the first 22 years. Tiles for the last eleven. The shelves stay up and we push the tiles in. A technique I learned from David Gill who created Bennington Pottery in Vermont.

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The “New Norm” and Donald Clark

A photo of Donald speaking to our group about the NEW NORMAL… that is the importance of the WEBSITE! And the diminishing of wholesale and craft shows.


Pictured with Donald are Mara Superior, Tiff Hilton, Andy Quient.

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A glaze problem solved

I use 33% barium carbonate in my copper blue glaze. About a year ago I started getting some bubbleing where it got a little thick. Lots of seconds. I tried other bariums but they all seemed  grainy. Finally Sheffield pottery came up with a smooth precipitated barium. Problem solved.

This material is completely smooth and fine. Overlapping glaze is not rough any more.

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