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Passing it on

Tanner Harris working on an electric kiln

Tanner Harris working on an electric kiln

When I first started my pottery business in 2005 I had never worked with an electric kiln before, but it was the only kiln I could afford to purchase at that time.  I bought a new L&L which is still in great shape after  about 30 firings each year.

When the elements needed to be replaced for the first time it was (of course) a week before a big show and I had never changed elements or thermocouples before in my life.  I put a call out to my new friends in the Potters’ Guild and found a few people willing to show me how to do the work myself.  Lucy Fagella lives right around the corner from me and I made her lunch in exchange for a quick lesson in electric kiln maintenance.  Thanks Lucy!

A few years later…I’m able to pass on those skills to my apprentice, Tanner Harris.

Now if I could only figure out how to fire my new gas kiln!

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$$ and being a Potter

Even though I wouldn’t trade being a potter for anything… sometimes you have to wonder how do we make a living??

I did a dinnerware set from start to finish and calculated the hours it took to make… check it out on my blog… lucy fagella pottery.


Kiln for Sale

Josh and I did the “Celebrate West Hartford” show this weekend. We had a good response and would probably do it again.
Saw Nancy M. there. really beautiful wood fired stuff.
I ran into an old friend, Bob Fishman.
He is selling a 40 cu. ft. stacking space Minnesota flat top gas car kiln
(with a sprung arch) $3000.
He is in Rhode Island. The kiln has to be dismantled. Bob will help with plans and photos.

     Robert Fishman Pottery
       576 Central Pike
       N. Scituate, RI  02857

       phone: (401) 647-7981

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New show for Mike

This weekend 6/13  & 14/09 I’m off to “Celebrate West Hartford” on the Town Hall Green. I have heard good things about the quality and the gate.

I will report back next week.

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This Day in Pottery History

Inspired by Lucy’s efforts to get us all blogging, I have started a blog of my own (I was wondering what I’d do with all that spare time). Here’s a glimpse of what it’s all about (taken from my “About” page):

“Scattered throughout the historical record of pottery making are fascinating sketches, odd tales and quirky biographies that often get lost amid the clutter. “This Day in Pottery History” is one potter’s journey through that world.

This journey stems primarily from my studies of how pottery making came to be the way it is here on the shores of North America. But even these little vignettes often lead to surprising byways stretching out into the greater narrative of world pottery history.

This is my recognition of the giants on who’s shoulders I stand.”

Anyway, it should be fun. Hope to see you there!

Steve Earp