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Fun with Pottery Blogs!

My bi-monthly blog, titled “This Day in Pottery History,” is taking off! In it I post various stories from my research on early pottery. It’s getting over 60 hits a day. Huh? Blog Catalog, a clearinghouse site for blogs on the Internet, has given “This Day…” their top rating of five stars. It is also listed on Clayzilla’s “20 Coolest Ceramic Blogs.” Thanks to Lucy for helping us all get going with this stuff!


Merchant services

I have been paying 5% for charge card transactions!!!
(Elavon)  {Wachovia Bank}
Last week I get a letter (from Elavon) saying that I have to meet “Payment  Card Industry -Data Security Standards” $299.- per year! They imply it’s mandatory. $20.- per month if you don’t comply by November. Plus all the extra little charges.

I have an old sliding “knuckle buster” and I call in charges on my phone.
I do only $7000. per year in charges. Half is with stores, the other half, three little local shows.
Have any of you come up against this PCI-DSS?
Should I drop this company and find another?
Some companies advertise “low fees, free equipment, etc.”

Any suggestions?  anyone? anyone? Bueller?
posted by Michael Cohen