Merchant services

I have been paying 5% for charge card transactions!!!
(Elavon)  {Wachovia Bank}
Last week I get a letter (from Elavon) saying that I have to meet “Payment  Card Industry -Data Security Standards” $299.- per year! They imply it’s mandatory. $20.- per month if you don’t comply by November. Plus all the extra little charges.

I have an old sliding “knuckle buster” and I call in charges on my phone.
I do only $7000. per year in charges. Half is with stores, the other half, three little local shows.
Have any of you come up against this PCI-DSS?
Should I drop this company and find another?
Some companies advertise “low fees, free equipment, etc.”

Any suggestions?  anyone? anyone? Bueller?
posted by Michael Cohen


2 Responses to “Merchant services”

  1. 1 Alex Solla September 3, 2009 at 2:23 AM

    Mike, Take a look at what the Potters Council offers through Chase Paymentech. For a yearly membership of $50 or so, one of the benefits is that you can tag on to ACERS/Potters Council’s fantastic rates. I think we pay just slightly less than 3% across the board, and we recently added AMEX because some of our retail clientele from the local universities kept asking about it. (an aside, Amex charges more, but typically the per sale transactions are about 20-30% higher)

    So yeah, you’ll need to buy a new credit card machine, and yeah, you need to comply with the security issues and identity protection, but you can do it cheaply and simply through the Potters Council. New ccard machine will set you back less than $700 and you could probably find a nicer wireless/cell one that would work with your cell company for about $1200 or less… would make doing big shows far from home easier. By the time your pull in and unload, your merchant account has processed the payments and the $$ is in your bank. One less thing to do after a show.

    Hope you can find a way to make this work.


  2. 2 lucyfagellapottery September 9, 2009 at 12:42 PM

    Merchant Warehouse… good company!

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