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TOUCH FIRE… Japanese Women Ceramics

I also went to the Touch Fire exhibit at Smith College.   It was great to see contemporary Japanese women’s ceramics.  Like Mike said it’s a don’t miss.  There was some really funky stuff.  The woven (paper clay?) wall hangings were gorgeous.  My main problem with the whole show was that there was only one tea bowl.  It was definitely exclusive of functional, contemporary ceramics… a bit of an injustice to the rich history in functional ceramics of Japan. 

Lucy Fagella


Japanese Women (clay) Artists

Right now there is a great exhibition at the Smith College Art Museum.

Japanese Women  Artists. 90% clay plus some woven screens that are  beautiful. The work is technically astounding. The most intricate, time consuming,  ways of working clay that you can imagine.

All of the work is fantastically detailed and carefully executed. My problem is that artistically,  it falls short.  Some of the pieces are almost silly. That is not to say that all the work is weird. There are many gorgeous  pots and pieces of sculpture. There is also a five minute film loop of one of the women working. Don’t miss it.

The display is beautiful except that you have to squat to read the labels. Some works, one can walk up to and others are in cases. I found myself walking up to a case and muttering  “WOW!”

I think that this show is a must see for anyone working in clay.

Michael Cohen