Potter’s Meeting… the AVPG

Last night we had a great AVPG meeting held at my house and studio…  good talk, great food… too much food, (is that possible?)  Why are potter’s such good cooks? 

We welcomed new member, Lucien Koonce to our Guild tonight, and hoped to welcome Molly Hatch to her first meeting, but she and baby Camilla were home sick. 

Here are some pics.  We are missing a few from the group tonight,  it’s quite impossible to get us all in a room together, unless we are having a group show.  We especially miss Angela Fina our faithful leader as she is recuperating.

We all have our holiday sales coming up… more on next post.

posted by Lucy Fagella

Donna, Lucien, Steve, Valerie, Pam,Mary, Robbie, Lucytalking about potsThe bunch of us ready to eatMy dog Graham in the middle of the potter's guild potluckPotters Guild Meeting Nov

Front to back.  Pam Adorno, Rick Epstein, Mary Barringer, Lucy Fagella,  Mara Superior,  Evelyn Snyder,  Valerie Brunnell,  Lucien Koonce,  Molly Cantor,  Donna McGee,  Michael Cohen,  Nancy Magnusson,  Meghan Hart, Tiffany Hilton, Robbie Heidinger, Jamie Guggina, Andrew Quient, Steve Earp. 


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