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The Gods Must Be crazy

“Kiln gods” are a fairly common sight around the pottery shop kiln room. We can all use a little extra divine help in our quest for the firing that will put us on the cover of Time Magazine (or at least Ceramics Monthly). Of course, we more often employ them to help ward off disaster. But perhaps there is a limit to this pagan idiolatry…

Steve Earp

Kiln Gods


Lots of pots

The website <> is filled with pictures of pots. Recent pots and historical pots. Click on “Nationals”. It also has links to other ceramic sites and to potters. One has to sign up ($20.-) to get into the depths of the site. Very interesting.

Michael Cohen

Thoughts on the latest Guild Meeting

The last AVPG Meeting (January 10 at Jamie’s house) was a very nice round robin showcase of everybody’s work. A great way to spend an evening, looking at pots and talking about them. There seemed to be a theme floating through most of the presentations, ie; doing work that is very difficult and labor intensive. At the time we sort of laughed at this mutual predilection for complicating our lives. But now I see another aspect of it. This is a group of people who are not afraid, and quite able, to go the extra mile. Where others might let up, we continually push ourselves. I think that says a lot about the members of the Guild.

Warren MacKenzie Field Trip

Fuller Exhibition

Francine, Evie and Angela viewing the MacKenzie exhibition

About 30 of us Asparagus Valley Potters rented a bus last week to visit the Fuller Museum in Brockton, MA for the Warren MacKenzie traveling exhibition.

Frank & Francine Ozereko also had a huge installation up at the museum that we were proud to see.

On the Line: Frank and Francine Ozereko (detail)

Even with the evil henchman of a museum docent – we all had a wonderful time and tried to touch the pieces while he wasn’t looking.  Pottery belongs in our cupboards – not stuck to a pedestal with museum wax.  I’m sure Warren would agree.

-posted by Tiffany Hilton