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Home Sweet Home

Early this spring when the studio garden started to awaken, the thought of colors, botany and birds began to roll around in my mind.  Perhaps, with the help of the gardening catalogues piling up over every piece of horizontal space in the home, touting all the wonderful things you could put in you garden, the phrase “Why not” came to this potter’s mind.  So, bird houses began to emerge in the studio and many were placed in the garden for the Summer Studio Pottery Sale.

Luckily, one remained in the garden and this week a Wren has taken up house keeping.  So, how do you sell a pot that is occupied?  Well not until the hatchlings fly away.   Victoria Crowell


Lucien Koonce: May 2010 woodfiring with Chris Gustin and Jeff Shapiro

We loaded the anagama kiln at Chris Gustin’s studio in South Dartmouth, MA last month (May) for three days, then fired for six days. Jeff Shapiro drove down from his studio in Accord, NY to load and fire with us.

Chris Gustin and Jeff Shapiro inside anagama kiln

We unloaded this past Saturday (June 12th); there were spectacular firing results. Here are a few of my pieces from this kiln load:


Sake Bottle

Sake Cup


There is an exhibition, entitled Friends of Fire, of select works from this anagama wood firing. It will be shown at Gustin Gallery from June 19th – July 18th. The opening reception is 5 – 8pm, Saturday, June 19th. Gallery location is 231 Horseneck Rd., South Dartmouth, MA; phone number is 508-636-6213. Hours are M – F, 11am – 5pm; weekends are by chance or appointment.

From Donna McGee

About the pots in photos I posted yesterday…they fall under the category of “What potters do in their spare time.” We make pots! Not for sale! Pots we love! Pots we make for the sake of making! It is about the process, not the product.

Vessels, Raw

Donna McGee vessels

Vessels, raw

Vessels of Joy and Grace

Pots you would not have seen at Paradise City! I made fourteen urns, most small, one large. Half are hand-built white paper clay, half wheel-thrown red earthenware. My friend Doug and I spent one day decorating them. The memorial service was yesterday, then fourteen people will each receive an urn with ashes to spread.

Donna McGee's Vessels of Grace and Joy

Vessels of Grace and Joy