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Lucien Koonce: Wood Firing with Jeff Shapiro

I recently had the special opportunity to help Jeff Shapiro load and fire his anagama kiln. Jeff is a true master at his art and my time spent there was like a one-on-one workshop, an unparalleled experience. I came away with a more grand awareness of firing with intent. Jeff’s aesthetical approach to his work, both in the forming process, as well as towards firing, provided me with a deeper insight into the direction for my own work. 

Jeff Shapiro stoking

Jeff stoking the anagama kiln

The results were quite spectacular, atleast from my aesthetical standpoint, and demonstrated what can be achieved from firing with wood. Prolonged heat and flame, ash, and coals can have an astounding effect on raw clay. Here are a few select pieces of mine that came out of this firing:


Sake cup with natural ash glaze

Sake Cup

Sake cup

Small plate

Small Plate

Tea Bowl

Tea bowl with natural ash glaze

Summer Tea Bowl

Summer tea bowl with natural ash glaze

More of my pieces from this firng can be viewed on my studio blog at:


Our Show At Pinch, Northampton, Ma

The Asparagus Valley Potters Guild had a wonderful Show at Pinch this past Friday.  It is a must see show if your in the area of Northampton Ma.