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from Donna McGee

Checking in from Texas! Mild and warm, raining. Spent some time today visiting with Bridget Hauser of  Sunset Canyon Pottery  in Drippings Springs. Three gas kilns, one huge, and a climbing wood kiln that fires in twelve hours to cone 8. Very interesting.

Happy New Year!


Lucien Koonce: Gustin November 2010 Anagama Firing

The Gustin wood kiln in South Dartmouth, MA was loaded November 6th – 9th, and fired November 10th – 15th.  The chambers were unloaded Saturday, December 4th.

Front stack before the firing

Front stack, unfired.

Yunomi and guinomi after the firing

A yunomi and guinomi, on tripods, after the firing.

During the firing of the anagama chamber, we introduced charcoal into the firebox; this was done at the end.  A total of sixteen bags of natural charcoal were put into the kiln. A video of this can be seen on my blog (link below).
Here are a few of my pieces from this firing. Many more can be seen on my blog page at:
Tea Bowl

Natural ash glaze tea bowl

Sake Flask

Natural ash glaze sake flask

Sake Cup

Natural ash glaze sake cup with oni shino

Natural ash yunomi

Natural ash glaze yunomi

Incense Burner

Natural ash glaze incense burner

Tour of Two Greenfield Potters

Lucy Fagella and Tiffany Hilton  are having a little pottery tour in Greenfield Ma. this weekend, Dec 3, 4, 5.