from Donna McGee

Checking in from Texas! Mild and warm, raining. Spent some time today visiting with Bridget Hauser of  Sunset Canyon Pottery  in Drippings Springs. Three gas kilns, one huge, and a climbing wood kiln that fires in twelve hours to cone 8. Very interesting.

Happy New Year!


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  1. 1 asparagusvalleypottersguild January 20, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    Yesterday,Jan.16 2011,
    Francine (et ux) and I, Mike, went to Boston to have a guided tour of the new wing of The Museum of Fine Arts. It was sponsored by the MASSart alumni assoc. 50 alums.

    Absolutely stunning. We had only an hour tour. We rushed through the lower two floors. Lowest floor. Inca, Peruvian, American Indian, all displayed in perfect cases and lighting.
    Next floor, Early American pottery silver, oil portraits,
    Paul Revere’s “Liberty Bowl” (Look it up.)

    Afterward, there was a little reception at MASSart. An informative short talk by the president, about the school and where it is heading. Very positive. The school isn’t the school I graduated from in 1957.
    Sky scrapers, new dorms, big enough to house all the freshmen and sophomores. The place still had the vibrating excitement that made my time studying at the old school so wonderful.

    So I am definitely going back to the MFA to see the whole new wing. Finally, there was a show of contemporary Chinese brushwork artists that was the greatest show I had seen in years. Really.
    Mike Cohen

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