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Potter’s Meeting… the AVPG

Last night we had a great AVPG meeting held at my house and studio…  good talk, great food… too much food, (is that possible?)  Why are potter’s such good cooks? 

We welcomed new member, Lucien Koonce to our Guild tonight, and hoped to welcome Molly Hatch to her first meeting, but she and baby Camilla were home sick. 

Here are some pics.  We are missing a few from the group tonight,  it’s quite impossible to get us all in a room together, unless we are having a group show.  We especially miss Angela Fina our faithful leader as she is recuperating.

We all have our holiday sales coming up… more on next post.

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Donna, Lucien, Steve, Valerie, Pam,Mary, Robbie, Lucytalking about potsThe bunch of us ready to eatMy dog Graham in the middle of the potter's guild potluckPotters Guild Meeting Nov

Front to back.  Pam Adorno, Rick Epstein, Mary Barringer, Lucy Fagella,  Mara Superior,  Evelyn Snyder,  Valerie Brunnell,  Lucien Koonce,  Molly Cantor,  Donna McGee,  Michael Cohen,  Nancy Magnusson,  Meghan Hart, Tiffany Hilton, Robbie Heidinger, Jamie Guggina, Andrew Quient, Steve Earp. 


Bottom Wiping for Open Studios

bottom wiping

bottom wiping

Getting ready for open studios next week involves a lot of glazing–and a lot of bottom wiping.  Yesterday between work and Henry (my 8-month-old son), I wiped quite a few bottoms.  Both are rewarding in different ways!  For details on Cottage Street Open Studios (June 6-7 in Easthampton, MA) visit –Evelyn at Kaleidoscope Pottery

Fresh leaves and Open Studios

Fresh maples are finally available!

Fresh maples are finally available!

My first blog post here from Kaleidoscope Pottery land.  We’ve been working with fresh leaves for a few weeks now–finally!  It was a long winter using leaves from the freezer.  Currently getting ready for our annual Cottage Street Studios Spring Open Studios  June 6-7 (see for details).  Still enough time to get some pots through the kilns by then! –Evelyn

A milestone at Cohen Tiles

I built this kiln in 1973. A catenary arch, soft brick, car kiln. 100 cu. ft. (75 stacking.)

On may 15th 2009, it was fired for the thirteenth hundred time. Over the 33 years there have been about 75% cone 9 firings. Pots for the first 22 years. Tiles for the last eleven. The shelves stay up and we push the tiles in. A technique I learned from David Gill who created Bennington Pottery in Vermont.

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The “New Norm” and Donald Clark

A photo of Donald speaking to our group about the NEW NORMAL… that is the importance of the WEBSITE! And the diminishing of wholesale and craft shows.


Pictured with Donald are Mara Superior, Tiff Hilton, Andy Quient.

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Blog Beginnings for a Potters Guild

WELCOME to our new blog site, also known as a GLOG, or group blog. 

We are a group of professional pottters from Western Massachusetts.  Some of us have been potters for over forty years, and some of us are just starting our careers…  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I’m Lucy Fagella, you may have read my own blog at lucyfagellapottery.  I enjoy sharing my work through my blog, and thought it would be a good idea to have a group blog with our local potters guild…  our members agreed.  So, I am the creator and administrator of this blog/glog.  The guild members will post updates when they are moved to do so.  Here we will  keep you up to date on our events, and workshops, and have links to our websites.  We are still in process… some of our pages are ready for viewing so take a look… there will be more soon! 

One thing we all want to share with you right now is an invite to our 5th annual Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail