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More Photo’s from the Trail

It was a beautiful weekend on the pottery trail.  I think after six years it has become widely known that this is the place to be! 

Some visitors at the Pottery Studio of Lucy Fagella.


On the Trail @ Stop # 3, Donna McGee

Best things about today: Flat Stanley came on the Pottery Trail! Also, Zoe Lewis stopped in. Her beautiful music was playing and she brought a lovely bouquet. The weather was perfect, and so was everyone who came. All so happy!

The Valley Pottery Tour is Just Four Days Away!

We are all busy firing our kilns, and cleaning our studios. Tiffany Hilton had a nice feature in the Springfield Sunday Republican.  Molly Cantor will have a feature in the Greenfield Recorder this Thursday.  Francine was at Craft Boston and tells us lots of folks are coming from Boston!  It’s all so very exciting! 

Here at Lucia Pottery I spent the day firing a kiln and photographing hot pots out of the kiln. Next is cleaning the studio, setting up displays and of course baking cookies!  Here is a little preview of some hot pots fresh from the kiln! 

Happy Trails,  Lucy

Getting Ready for Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

One of Molly Cantor’s carved vases peeks out from behind some of my tumbers.  Fired in the soda chamber of a wood kiln, the pots were fired for 40 hours, then cooled for 3 days.  Always exciting to take down the brick door, it was even more so to see the great results.  The white globs on the bottom of the pieces are known as wadding, a mixture of EPK and alumina hydrate used to prevent the pots from sticking to the kiln shelf.  The soda that is sprayed into the kiln at about 2200 degrees volatilizes, coating the pots, shelves and kiln walls with a subtle satin sheen.  Known as a soda firing, the soda enhances the clays, slips and any glazes, beautifully complementing Molly’s fine carvings.  See more on April 24-25.   Details at  Posted by Nancy Magnusson

Valley Potters and the Seconds Sale

This past weekend was the locally famous Pottery Seconds Sale, a benefit for the Artspace community art center.  So  many potters in this valley;  about 25 of us attend this sale.  Our AVPG potters that were it this year were:  myself (Lucy Fagella), Steve Earp, Pam Adorno, Tiffany Hilton, Molly Cantor, Meghan Hart, Mike Cohen, Evelyn Synder, and Tom White. 

It is amazing how many people look forward to this sale and wait on line to get in.  The bargains are amazing!  Once again Tom White sold his whole table the last hour of the sale… meaning whatever was left on his table, five pots or twenty, take all for one price.  His idea of a good seconds sale is not taking anything home with him.

My good deal for the weekend was a  trade with Steve Earp… one large lidded jar for one of my large vases!

What does your pottery apron look like?

The potter’s guild purchased these great aprons a few years ago.  I wear mine every working day.

posted by Lucy Fagella

An Asparagus Valley Potter



Bottom Wiping for Open Studios

bottom wiping

bottom wiping

Getting ready for open studios next week involves a lot of glazing–and a lot of bottom wiping.  Yesterday between work and Henry (my 8-month-old son), I wiped quite a few bottoms.  Both are rewarding in different ways!  For details on Cottage Street Open Studios (June 6-7 in Easthampton, MA) visit –Evelyn at Kaleidoscope Pottery