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from Donna McGee: A Potter’s Saturday

Donna McGee's view on the road to GreenfieldOn the Road to Greenfield

Went to Greenfield for the 2nd’s sale, where many local potters unload imperfect work this time of year. Arranged to meet Jeanne Douillard in the parking lot, where I obtained bone ash, kaolin, Superpax, plaster, and cones for a song. Jane Foster brought me a Danish and Megan Hart a latte so I was all set! Tom White gave me some pots for Anglea Fina, so I called her and stopped by on the way back to my studio to drop them off. Beautiful results from Tom’s new kiln.


Lucien Koonce: Gustin November 2010 Anagama Firing

The Gustin wood kiln in South Dartmouth, MA was loaded November 6th – 9th, and fired November 10th – 15th.  The chambers were unloaded Saturday, December 4th.

Front stack before the firing

Front stack, unfired.

Yunomi and guinomi after the firing

A yunomi and guinomi, on tripods, after the firing.

During the firing of the anagama chamber, we introduced charcoal into the firebox; this was done at the end.  A total of sixteen bags of natural charcoal were put into the kiln. A video of this can be seen on my blog (link below).
Here are a few of my pieces from this firing. Many more can be seen on my blog page at:
Tea Bowl

Natural ash glaze tea bowl

Sake Flask

Natural ash glaze sake flask

Sake Cup

Natural ash glaze sake cup with oni shino

Natural ash yunomi

Natural ash glaze yunomi

Incense Burner

Natural ash glaze incense burner

Passing it on

Tanner Harris working on an electric kiln

Tanner Harris working on an electric kiln

When I first started my pottery business in 2005 I had never worked with an electric kiln before, but it was the only kiln I could afford to purchase at that time.  I bought a new L&L which is still in great shape after  about 30 firings each year.

When the elements needed to be replaced for the first time it was (of course) a week before a big show and I had never changed elements or thermocouples before in my life.  I put a call out to my new friends in the Potters’ Guild and found a few people willing to show me how to do the work myself.  Lucy Fagella lives right around the corner from me and I made her lunch in exchange for a quick lesson in electric kiln maintenance.  Thanks Lucy!

A few years later…I’m able to pass on those skills to my apprentice, Tanner Harris.

Now if I could only figure out how to fire my new gas kiln!

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Hitting the Pottery Trail

 Here is a photo of Angela Fina in her kiln getting ready to load pots for those who are hitting the pottery trail!

The Trail through beautiful western Massachusetts begins Saturday at 10:00.