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Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail Coming Soon

Oh it’s so exciting the trail is coming in 28 days!

The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail consists of a smaller offshoot of the Guild.  This year we have three guests.  Check out our website here for all the info!!

Waiting for Asparagus


Pottery Tours and the Effect on the Local Economy

Thinking about how our pottery trail has been a great asset for our local economy, and how the many pottery tours around the country do the same.   I just spoke to Mary Barringer who is part of our pottery trail here and has been an invited guest to Bob Briscoe’s studio for many years on the St. Croix Pottery tour. She mentioned how much money that tour brings in on sales each year…way more than ours!  (The St. Croix Pottery Tour is in it’s 18th year.)  Our pottery trail is only in its 6th year and is doing very well.

A few days after our pottery trail I wrote a letter to the editor in our local newspaper.  I just thought I’d share it here.  I think as artist/potters it is important that we let our local officials, and the common citizen know what artists bring to our economy.

When we think of our local economy, we all have our thoughts and ideas about what will sustain and support our lives here. As an artist and firm believer in buying local, I am happy to share one of the ways a group of potters contributes to our local economy.

This weekend of April 24-25 was the 6th annual Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail.  We would like to thank all of the locals who attended our studios.  As the years go by we have also attracted more and more visitors from afar. They come to see the many nationally recognized potters on the tour… and they also come for a weekend getaway to this beautiful valley. This year’s tour was by far the most well attended.  Hundreds of visitors came for the day, or stayed for the weekend. Visitors came from Boston, Worcester, Springfield, and from NY, NJ, CT, VT, NH, ME, PA, spending nearly $40,000 in two days at the 10 studios.

As a group of artists we are proud to bring so many visitors to the Pioneer Valley.  Not only did these visitors spend their dollars supporting local artists, they also supported our local B&B’s, hotels, restaurants and shops.

We look forward to many more years and the ever-growing popularity of this local cultural event, which celebrates the enormous talent of our Valley’s artists.

So, if you missed the tour this year, come for a visit next April and discover one of the areas most precious “local resources”, its artists.

To find out more about our tour, visit our website:

Lucy Fagella- Greenfield, and all the potters on the tour

Tiffany Hilton- Greenfield, Tom White- Northfield, Molly Cantor- Shelburne Falls, Mary Barringer-Shelburne Falls, Steve Earp- Shelburne Falls, Donna McGee- Hadley, Angela Fina- Amherst, Francine Ozereko- Pelham, Michael Cohen- Pelham


More Photo’s from the Trail

It was a beautiful weekend on the pottery trail.  I think after six years it has become widely known that this is the place to be! 

Some visitors at the Pottery Studio of Lucy Fagella.

On the Trail @ Stop # 3, Donna McGee

Best things about today: Flat Stanley came on the Pottery Trail! Also, Zoe Lewis stopped in. Her beautiful music was playing and she brought a lovely bouquet. The weather was perfect, and so was everyone who came. All so happy!

The Valley Pottery Tour is Just Four Days Away!

We are all busy firing our kilns, and cleaning our studios. Tiffany Hilton had a nice feature in the Springfield Sunday Republican.  Molly Cantor will have a feature in the Greenfield Recorder this Thursday.  Francine was at Craft Boston and tells us lots of folks are coming from Boston!  It’s all so very exciting! 

Here at Lucia Pottery I spent the day firing a kiln and photographing hot pots out of the kiln. Next is cleaning the studio, setting up displays and of course baking cookies!  Here is a little preview of some hot pots fresh from the kiln! 

Happy Trails,  Lucy

Getting Ready for Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

One of Molly Cantor’s carved vases peeks out from behind some of my tumbers.  Fired in the soda chamber of a wood kiln, the pots were fired for 40 hours, then cooled for 3 days.  Always exciting to take down the brick door, it was even more so to see the great results.  The white globs on the bottom of the pieces are known as wadding, a mixture of EPK and alumina hydrate used to prevent the pots from sticking to the kiln shelf.  The soda that is sprayed into the kiln at about 2200 degrees volatilizes, coating the pots, shelves and kiln walls with a subtle satin sheen.  Known as a soda firing, the soda enhances the clays, slips and any glazes, beautifully complementing Molly’s fine carvings.  See more on April 24-25.   Details at  Posted by Nancy Magnusson

What a Good Weekend it was!

Last Monday morning after our Pottery Trail the potters got together at our local food co-op, Greenfields Market.  We shared our stories from the weekend, compared notes on how many people came through our studios and how many pots were purchased.  We all had a good weekend despite the economy!  One of the fun things we do do each year is give away one pot from each potter to ten lucky winners.  We have a pottery passport that is stamped at each studio.  If you go to seven of the ten studios you qualify to win a piece of pottery worth $75-$100.  Our winners were notified this past week, and the prize pots were sent out. Many of us have received notes of thanks and how happy they were to receive a pot!  My winner was Lucy Sherill… I liked that one… same first name as me! 

Happy trails, from Lucy Fagella