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from Donna McGee: A Potter’s Saturday

Donna McGee's view on the road to GreenfieldOn the Road to Greenfield

Went to Greenfield for the 2nd’s sale, where many local potters unload imperfect work this time of year. Arranged to meet Jeanne Douillard in the parking lot, where I obtained bone ash, kaolin, Superpax, plaster, and cones for a song. Jane Foster brought me a Danish and Megan Hart a latte so I was all set! Tom White gave me some pots for Anglea Fina, so I called her and stopped by on the way back to my studio to drop them off. Beautiful results from Tom’s new kiln.


$$ and being a Potter

Even though I wouldn’t trade being a potter for anything… sometimes you have to wonder how do we make a living??

I did a dinnerware set from start to finish and calculated the hours it took to make… check it out on my blog… lucy fagella pottery.