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Passing it on

Tanner Harris working on an electric kiln

Tanner Harris working on an electric kiln

When I first started my pottery business in 2005 I had never worked with an electric kiln before, but it was the only kiln I could afford to purchase at that time.  I bought a new L&L which is still in great shape after  about 30 firings each year.

When the elements needed to be replaced for the first time it was (of course) a week before a big show and I had never changed elements or thermocouples before in my life.  I put a call out to my new friends in the Potters’ Guild and found a few people willing to show me how to do the work myself.  Lucy Fagella lives right around the corner from me and I made her lunch in exchange for a quick lesson in electric kiln maintenance.  Thanks Lucy!

A few years later…I’m able to pass on those skills to my apprentice, Tanner Harris.

Now if I could only figure out how to fire my new gas kiln!

Posted by Tiffany Hilton