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from Donna McGee

On the way home from the studio today, I took this picture as I crossed the street in front of our house.Donna McGee's bike Shadow It was early in the evening.


From Donna McGee…

three trees, grass, sky

View from Josh’s place

handcrafted pottery

AVPG Meeting @ Josh Simpson’s

Had a great AVPG meeting at Josh Simpson’s  this month. He thanked us all for coming up to his house – he doesn’t get out much – and we were grateful for his hosting. We got  the tour,  saw his two sons, and  enjoyed, of course,

plates and platter of AVPG members with food

More food!  As Mike said, the light was just right.

It was one big love fest. Here are some photos , courtesy of  Michael Cohen .  The gardens are plentiful and we love to use our pots to serve.

from Donna McGee

Here’s a photo I just received this morning from a wonderful collector. It was titled “Favorite Dishes.”

Donna McGee three pots in Sink

Favorite Dishes

The Berkshire Craft Fair

huge lawn sign for The Berkshire Craft FairLove this sign on the lawn of Monument Mtn. Regional H. S. in Great Barrington Mass. Myself, Donna McGee, and four of us from our potters’ Guild are exhibiting here this sales-tax-free weekend. Those are famous dogs guarding the sign!

From Donna McGee

About the pots in photos I posted yesterday…they fall under the category of “What potters do in their spare time.” We make pots! Not for sale! Pots we love! Pots we make for the sake of making! It is about the process, not the product.

Vessels, Raw

Donna McGee vessels

Vessels, raw

Vessels of Joy and Grace

Pots you would not have seen at Paradise City! I made fourteen urns, most small, one large. Half are hand-built white paper clay, half wheel-thrown red earthenware. My friend Doug and I spent one day decorating them. The memorial service was yesterday, then fourteen people will each receive an urn with ashes to spread.

Donna McGee's Vessels of Grace and Joy

Vessels of Grace and Joy