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Boston Field Trip Feb. 2013

Five of us from the Guild drove to Boston to see the Blue and White Show at the MFA, and attend the lecture given by Michelle Erickson and two curators at the Sackler Museum at Harvard. Afterwords, we had a bite  to eat at The Kabab Factory, recommended by Michael Cohen. It was great viewing, discussing, and sharing.



Here we are at the Sackler, waiting for the lecture to begin. Lots of interesting historical Chinese and Korean porcelain in this room.



This is a piece called “The Potter” that Steve and I discovered in the American Wing of the MFA



Part of the first installation at the Blue and White show, taken before I knew photography was forbidden, by Barbara Diduk.


Francine and Angela with their kababs!Image

Don’t worry, we had this deity watching over us. 



From Donna McGee…

three trees, grass, sky

View from Josh’s place

handcrafted pottery

AVPG Meeting @ Josh Simpson’s

Had a great AVPG meeting at Josh Simpson’s  this month. He thanked us all for coming up to his house – he doesn’t get out much – and we were grateful for his hosting. We got  the tour,  saw his two sons, and  enjoyed, of course,

plates and platter of AVPG members with food

More food!  As Mike said, the light was just right.

It was one big love fest. Here are some photos , courtesy of  Michael Cohen .  The gardens are plentiful and we love to use our pots to serve.

from Donna McGee

Here’s a photo I just received this morning from a wonderful collector. It was titled “Favorite Dishes.”

Donna McGee three pots in Sink

Favorite Dishes

The “New Norm” and Donald Clark

A photo of Donald speaking to our group about the NEW NORMAL… that is the importance of the WEBSITE! And the diminishing of wholesale and craft shows.


Pictured with Donald are Mara Superior, Tiff Hilton, Andy Quient.

posted by Lucy Fagella


Blog Beginnings for a Potters Guild

WELCOME to our new blog site, also known as a GLOG, or group blog. 

We are a group of professional pottters from Western Massachusetts.  Some of us have been potters for over forty years, and some of us are just starting our careers…  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I’m Lucy Fagella, you may have read my own blog at lucyfagellapottery.  I enjoy sharing my work through my blog, and thought it would be a good idea to have a group blog with our local potters guild…  our members agreed.  So, I am the creator and administrator of this blog/glog.  The guild members will post updates when they are moved to do so.  Here we will  keep you up to date on our events, and workshops, and have links to our websites.  We are still in process… some of our pages are ready for viewing so take a look… there will be more soon! 

One thing we all want to share with you right now is an invite to our 5th annual Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail