The Asparagus Valley Potters Guild is a group of professional potters who know the importance of continuing our education as potters and keeping the craft alive by opening up these workshops to the larger community.

On a yearly basis we invite a potter that we admire to show us some of their tricks.  In the past four years we have had the pleasure to learn from Phil Rodgers, Hayne Bayless, Val CushingBarbara Knutson, and Catherine White.

Our workshops are usually in January.  New workshops will be posted on this page. 

Here are a few photos of past workshops!



Phil's BottlePhil throwing Paddling the formA day of pots

The Phil Rodgers workshop in January 2006 


Hayne staring with extruded partsHanye handbuildingHayneDetails by Hayne

 Hayne Bayless from January 2007


Val throwing a lidded jarVal trimming using a lidVal making a plattervals assistant, Lucy helping to flip the platter for trimmingflipping vals platter for trimmingA weekend of pots

 The Val Cushing workshop Febuary 2008


Barbara making a coverA Spirit House by BarbaraBarbara's basket formkarl-barbara-pots

This past January 2009 with Barbara Knutson.



1 Response to “WORKSHOPS”

  1. 1 steve hoy January 6, 2010 at 11:31 AM

    these art works are farmore than what i would conceider pottery, some of the pieces that i have seen here are more of sculptures, to which i,m very pleased to view thankyou.

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